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Eco-friendly Hotel

Eco-friendly City

Your Responsible Stay

Hotel Ellington engaged in Eco-friendly activities


Committed to an environmental policy, the Ellington Hotel has implemented environmentally responsible actions that earned the distinction between other hotels:

  • Collaborations with new partners and sub-contractors in line with the cause
  • Becoming aware of the consumption of various departments on their natural resources and waste separation activities
  • Providing awareness amongst customers and suggest their commitment towards an eco-friendly approach to be taken during and after their stay
  • Energy saving lighting and insulation for the proper management and monitoring of energy consumption
  • The management of water is enhanced by ecological watering and improvement of the pipes and valves
  • The foregoing of individual packaging on most foods to reduce unnecessary waste
  • Choosing only bio-ecological or have an eco-friendly cleaning products
  • An elimination of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Smoking being banned in all hotel rooms and inside areas

Each year, the Hotel Ellington presents its actions as well as the next envisioned in order to meet the environmental requirements of the “Foundation pour l’Education à l’Environment (FEE)” standards to maintain the eco-friendly certificate.

The jury, composed of experts and professionals of the tourism and environment industry, have renewed Hotel’s Ellington certificate for 2014 and as well agreed to the eco-friendly actions planned to be taken in 2015.

Like Hotel Ellington, Nice city adopts an eco-friendly approach. It tries to educate its visitors and residents. Actions like bicycles put at their disposal to protect the environment and lower the pollution, different bins to sort the trash.

Nice, as an eco-friendly city

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